Program and Content Development

Medical Education Program and Content Development for Healthcare Innovators

You Need More Than Just a Speakers Bureau.

It’s taken years of research and development to bring your innovation out of the lab and into the world. And along the way, you’ve gained valuable insights that will change the way healthcare professionals approach their jobs.

So your brand needs educational content that reflects the energy, ingenuity, and dynamism that you’ve put into R&D. That means thinking beyond lectures, slideshows, and Q&As.

You need a program that will captivate your audience and raise the bar for medical education.

Program and Content Development Solutions

Medical Education Programming for Pioneers in Healthcare
Fully-Customized Program Experiences

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to medical education. You need a partner that can create a fresh, tailor-made program perfectly aligned with the needs of your brand and audience.

Our programs are never outsourced. Your dedicated L&M team will design, coordinate, and monitor an unforgettable, brand-defining experience around your unique specifications.

Compelling, Science-Driven Content Development

At L&M, we understand how critical it is to develop inspired content that effectively relays complex scientific concepts while generating intrigue around your product.

Our internal team of experts will develop captivating content that balances the needs of your brand, your audience, and your program speaker.

Proven Educational Frameworks

Our programs are designed as communicative, energetic, audience-centered experiences.

We implement the latest approaches to medical education to ensure impactful, clear, and comprehensive messaging that elevates your brand and your products. With L&M, your program attendees will leave feeling gratified and confident in their understanding of your product.

Flexible, Convenient, Tech-Driven Programs

In a post-Covid world, we understand that the needs and priorities of the industry have shifted. That’s why we’re committed to meeting your audience where they are.

We design world-class virtual and hybrid programs that cater to the busy lives of HCPs. You can expect the same level of quality and engagement in a format structured around the needs of your attendees.

Here’s What’s Included
  • National and Virtual Studio Broadcasts
  • On-Demand Programs
  • AV and venue coordination
  • Clinical Connections and Expert Encounters
  • CCQ Programs: Core Content, Live Case, and Live Q&A
  • Hub and Spoke
  • Bureaucast Multi office
  • Live dinners, lunches, in office programs
  • Managed Basic Zoom and Teams style events

Program and Content Development Solutions

L&M Healthcare Communications is dedicated to creating compelling educational programs that advance clients’ business interests while helping healthcare providers understand the revolutionary scientific developments in their field. Contact us today to enter a new era of healthcare education.