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15 March, 2023 /
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There is no argument that the way in which we interact with each other, and content dramatically changed in the second week of March, 2020. The rapid shift from live events to virtual, be they concerts, movies, work meetings, consulting sessions, and yes, Speakers Bureau events, was dramatic. The world learned Zoom and Teams and GoTo in a hurry! While we agree that “virtual meeting fatigue” became a concern by the Fall of 2020, and the public along with our bureau audiences became eager for live events to return, the hard reality is that virtual interactions are here to stay. We believe that a reasonable mix of live, virtual, and hybrid events should be the norm for peer-to-peer interactions as we proceed through 2022 and beyond. Virtual and hybrid events offer a range of flexibility for KOLs, HCP attendees, and pharmaceutical company staff. In addition, the budget impact of a shift towards a more balanced mix of programs can be dramatic.

While other companies will retrospectively tell you what did not work L&M prides itself on defining and proactively recommending program improvements to enhance outcomes.

We believe in a full 360-degree approach to Speakers Bureau. It starts with creative, meaningful, and flexible content, and continues with an impactful presentation, and is surrounded by relevant and high-impact communications.

Utilizing tools during virtual programs themselves, which draw participants into the event and maintain engagement, can include gamification of the content including Jeopardy style questions, Hollywood Squares style game shows, as well as simple quizzing and polling.  Utilizing available technologies all serve to motivate participants to remain active and engaged. Compelling visual formats such as our 3D studio for regional and national broadcast events create a special feeling upon entering the program online and demonstrate to your participants that you value their time and are not just dumping data but want them to enjoy the process and engage with a creative experience.

L&M Healthcare and our partners have a myriad of ideas and solutions to drive participation and meaningful engagement with your peer-to-peer program. Standby in the coming weeks and months for more thoughts and suggestions. In the meantime, please reach out via to schedule some time to talk. We’re always available to consult.

Thanks for reading.

Adam Margolis, CEO, Managing Partner

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