Bureau in the Channel: Integrating Peer-to-Peer into an Omnichannel Campaign

25 March, 2023 /
Advisory Board

The marketing world we all live in has certainly evolved in the past 20 years. We all recognize that in order to impact a marketplace, and to evolve thinking about the treatment of a condition, the community needs to be approached using an omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel marketing integrates various channels utilized by an organization to interact with their customers with the goal of a consistent brand experience.

HCPs receive an onslaught of information from a variety of sources on a day-to-day basis and in this era of fewer sales calls, reduced access, nonpersonal promotion, and a renewed commitment to work life balance during this ongoing global pandemic, a comprehensive approach to education is paramount. Add to this the PhRMA restriction regarding attending more than one program per year on the same topic, and we no longer can depend upon a single dinner event breaking through the noise to excite HCPs to take a hard look at their treatment of various conditions. Meeting the HCP where they are utilizing creative and “off” schedules, shorter timed events which capture engagement with a shorter attention span and providing focused education can yield more broad based results.

L&M Healthcare and our partners at Relevate Health have developed an integrated and engaging to our clients’ Speakers Bureau platforms. Applying an omnichannel lens to your peer-to-peer efforts not only will increase engagement and resonance, but it will create efficiencies for you with our comprehensive solution for all your peer-to-peer needs and amplifies the engagement by parsing out the experience in a variety of different channels. The SpeakerShare and PracticeShare 360 degree surround programs have demonstrated results for our clients by utilizing a pre-meeting invitation directly from the presenter including teasers and event information, post-event thank you and white paper reviewing the core and locally relevant content, as well as a communication to no-shows or interested participants summarizing the event and reminding them of future opportunities to join. These programs have resulted in meaningful change including:

  • >25% Trx life of event attendees with timely follow up
  • >40% NRx lift of event attendees with timely follow up
  • Up to ~40% unique open rates
  • 3x field team follow-up using customized materials

Across the board our clients are engaging with their HCP audiences in an omnichannel way. Optimizing your speaker bureau’s approach by applying an omnichannel strategy, can extend your key messages across a variety of engaging channels and all hinging off of the core educational message and session. This will help amplify your share of voice, reinforce your brand messaging, and optimize your engagements with your HCPs by meeting them where they are.

Contact us today and together we can positively impact your comprehensive marketing approach to your peer-to-peer efforts by applying this omnichannel approach to maximize your results.

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